CSS’s engineering team boasts a collective total of over 100 man-years of engineering experience in RF and Microwave disciplines and over 75 man-years of experience working with products for SIGINT applications. All key engineering staff hold high level security clearances enabling them to provide invaluable and immediate support in secure locations around the world. The team share a common history in that all have worked together previously at Tony Chapman Electronics Ltd. (TCE). Engineering Manager Allen Cherry and Senior Engineer Hugh Wills founded Communications Supply & Support Ltd. in 1999, leaving TCE to work at CSS full time in 2001. They have since recruited the finest of their ex-colleagues to join them in their mission to become the foremost SIGINT supplier and service company in the UK.

Hugh Wills


Hugh is a founder and co-owner of CSS, Director managing the day-to-day business and hands-on design engineer. Hugh gained his B.Sc. with 1st class honours in Physics and M.Sc. in Microwave Solid State Physics at the University of Portsmouth before joining Cossor Electronics Ltd. (now Raytheon Company) as Senior Design Engineer, working on microwave soft substrate design for IFF and SSR radar including high power TX amplifiers and low power RX circuits. Hugh was appointed CAD Specialist for the Advanced RF & Microwave group working with the EEsof software suite. Hugh Joined TCE as Senior Engineer working under Allen Cherry for 10 years on SIGINT receiver systems from Micro-Tel, Reaction Instruments, M/A-COM SIGINT Products and Communications Solutions. He developed his CAD skills and qualified as an IPC Certified Interconnect Designer (CID) before leaving TCE to form CSS as a more engineering focused company. Hugh has embraced the latest technologies with skills including 3D PCB CAD (Altium Designer) and 3D mechanical design (Inventor, SpaceClaim, SolidWorks), system design and embedded programming.

Allen Cherry


Allen is a founder and co-owner of CSS. Allen is semi-retired but remains a Director and active executive within the company as well as consultant on all matters including RF and microwave design, IT, software and system integration. Allen moved from audio electronics and PA systems into RF and microwave engineering at Tony Chapman Electronics in 1978 when he joined as Engineering Manager responsible for the support of products from Micro-Tel, Reaction Instruments, M/A-COM SIGINT Products and Communications Solutions. Allen held his position for 26 years and was instrumental in the pursuit and award of many large system sales and integration tasks as well as logistical support for large UK Government and defence programmes. Allen has spent a great deal of time working at US Principals’ facilities contributing to the design and refinement of many important legacy products before forming CSS.

Bob Powell

Business Development Manager

Bob joined the UK Royal Air Force (RAF) in January 1963 as a Boy Entrant Telegraphist, serving for 14 years at several UK and overseas stations. After leaving in 1977, he joined UK Government service and, over the following 37 years, worked at numerous locations in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. During his career, Bob gained considerable experience managing Electronic Warfare (Installation and Operational) teams delivering diverse EW systems at several defence sites including a full ISTAR system installation involving full Technical and Operational Training for a European customer. In 2014 Bob joined Communications Supply & Support Ltd. as their Business Development Manager.

John Cure

Principal Electronics Engineer

John gained his H.N.D. in Electronic Systems at the Essex Institute of Higher Education in 1989 before joining Chase Electronics Ltd. for 8 years as Technician working on the repair, test and calibration of spectrum analysers and EMC test equipment. John joined TCE in 1995 as Test Engineer working on products from M/A-COM SIGINT Products including the SMR352X, SMR382X, and SMR5XXX type receivers and helped to develop the company’s ATE test facilities. In 2003 John moved to e2v Technologies as Team Leader in the Internal Calibration Group involved with calibrating extremely high power microwave systems and components as well as developing manual and ATE test procedures and software. In 2008 John was recruited to join CSS as Principal Engineer focussing on fault-finding, repair and calibration of receivers and CSS own products. John has developed proprietary ATE systems and bespoke software GUI’s using National Instruments LabWindows CVI and C++. He has created complex system control software including receiver systems, recorders, displays and antenna positioners for terrestrial search and satellite tracking applications. John is an integral part of the product design and development team and is Internal Quality Auditor.

Peter Guy

Senior Development Engineer

Peter gained his H.N.C. in Electronic Engineering while at Cossor Electronics Ltd, Harlow for 8 years working on IFF, SSR and ATC radar and Rapier missile system. Peter then took a junior engineering position at MK Electric Ltd. working on ground-breaking mains signalling home automation products. He joined TCE as Development Engineer working with Allen Cherry on development of portable microwave test facilities and repair and commissioning of TAUTRON Bit Error Rate Test Systems (BERTS), NORTHEAST Telecom Signal Analysers and Micro‑Tel Microwave Signal Generators. Peter has since been working in electronics hardware and embedded software design in a broad range of product areas including: clinical aerosol respiratory drug delivery systems and visual field analysers at Clement Clarke International; arc welding process monitoring/logging systems and waste water treatment process, test and control instrumentation at Triton Electronics Ltd.; scanning spectrophotometers and laboratory test instruments at Jenway Ltd. In 2011 Peter was recruited to join CSS as Senior Development Engineer responsible for analogue, digital, RF and embedded controller design for CSS’s proprietary products and he is mechanical design authority within the company.

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