CSS can provide a comprehensive, end-to-end local UK service including marketing, import, sales, equipment service, maintenance and repair to component level, electronic test, compliance engineering, PDS, system integration and technical / in-field support. With our low overheads and wide range of skills we are able to provide whatever level of assistance you require to meet all your project needs.​​

In our galleries we present annotated collections of high resolution images which serve to illustrate in more detail the range of facilities we have available and the many varied projects and tasks we are asked to perform for our customers.  For further information please use the main menu or click on the gallery links below.

Communications Supply & Support Ltd. Gallery of Facilities
Facilities Gallery

On this page we provide a gallery showing some of our engineering and test facilities. We are equipped to provide an end-to-end service from initial design to small batch production and in-service support throughout the life of a product or system.

Communications Supply & Support Ltd. Gallery of Projects
Projects Gallery

On this page we provide a gallery of specialised projects undertaken by CSS for a wide variety of customers and applications. These are just a small selection but provide an illustration of the range of engineering disciplines and services which we can offer our customers.