CSS works with leading international equipment manufacturers to supply their products to the UK market, acting in various capacities as International Sales Representative (ISR), Authorised Reseller, Sales Consultants, all backed by our technical expertise and engineering capability including system integration, customisation, and in-service support. Some of our current partners are listed on our Partners page and the wide range of third party products we are able to provide is listed below.

CSS has also developed a wide range of proprietary equipment over many years, specialising in one-offs or low volume bespoke equipment initially designed for specific customers or programmes, many of which have subsequently been produced in larger quantities and can still be manufactured upon request. In this section of the website we list some of our most popular Legacy Products, Current Products available to order immediately and our Caddy Series products comprising our latest range which currently being expanded.

Partner Products
  • RF & Microwave Tuners & Receivers

  • Microwave Frequency Converters

  • RF & Microwave Multicouplers

  • Spectrum Display Generators

  • Network Defined Radios

  • Network Defined Power Amplifiers

  • Embedded Data Recorders

  • Tactical Data Recorders

  • Ultra Wideband Data Recorders

  • Signal Server & Transfer Stations

  • Signal Library Systems

  • Anti-Drone Systems

  • Drone Detection RF Sensors

  • Drone Detection Radar

  • Drone Jamming Systems

  • Drone Classification & Forensic Analysis Software

  • Rapidly Deployable Cellular Networks

  • Network Engineering Test Phones

  • Network Monitoring Products

  • Network Analysis Products

  • Fraud Prevention Products

Proprietary Products
  • Integrated Receiver Systems

  • Integrated Antenna Systems

  • Microwave & Millimetric Down-Converters

  • IF Frequency Converters

  • Microwave & Millimetric Test Sources

  • Antenna & Camera Positioners

  • GPS/Reference Oscillator Units

  • Bespoke AC/DC Power Supply Units

  • Ethernet Switches & Aggregators

  • MMIC Amplifier Modules

  • Video distribution units

  • RF/IF distribution units

  • Telecom signal distribution Units

  • Digital repeater units

  • Data conversion Units

  • Cable Driver Units

  • Fibre Optic Data Links

  • Fibre Optic Analogue/RF Links


  • Satellite Tracking Software

  • Spectrum Monitoring & Collection Software

  • Spectrum Record & Playback Software

For further information on our proprietary products please use the main menu bar or select a product category link category below.

Communications Supply & Support Ltd. Caddy Series Products
CSS 'Caddy' Series

The CSS 'Caddy' Series is a range of equipment in CD‐ROM caddy form factor designed to compliment modern Software Defined Radios (SDRs) and form the current focus of our new developments.

Communications Supply & Support Ltd. Recent Products
CSS Products

CSS has developed a wide range of equipment over many years. Here we list those which are current models available to order immediately.

Communications Supply & Support Ltd. Legacy Products
CSS Legacy Products

CSS has developed a wider range of equipment over many years, These products are not in general production but may still be built to order if required.

Communications Supply & Support Ltd. Software Products
CSS Software

CSS has developed many bespoke software applications for our customers in the fields of SIGINT, DF, system control and automated test. Here we present our primary suites which form the basis of many systems..