The CSS 'Caddy' Series is a range of equipment in CD‐ROM caddy form factor designed to compliment modern Software defined Radios (SDRs) from manufacturers such as iRF Solutions, CyberRadio Solutions, Leonardo DRS, Detica, Silver Palm and many more, and form the current focus of our new developments.  Designed for extended remote or autonomous operation in small covert or unmanned installations, these are rugged, high-reliability units with comprehensive control and BITE using SCPI commands over Ethernet or RS232/TTL serial, browser GUI or SNMP.

Caddy Series Equipment

Common Features

  • High quality machined aluminium enclosure.

  • Dual fans with independent controllers.

  • 9-16VDC power input for fixed or vehicle operation.

  • TCP, UDP, DHCP, HTTP, SNMP protocols and AJAX.

  • Configuration via integrated browser GUI or SNMP.

  • Control via SCPI commands over Ethernet or RS232/TTL serial.

  • Comprehensive BITE monitoring via SCPI, browser GUI and SNMP.

  • Eight tri-colour LEDs for local indication of high-level BITE status.

  • Aux TTL level GPIO pins for control/monitoring of external equipment.

  • Aux low power output of 350mA at 3.3V for external applications.


Millimetric Frequency Extenders

24‐40GHz in a single band or 18‐40GHz in two bands with variants up to 110GHz. Includes ultra‐stable internal 100MHz OCXO, 10MHz external reference input, ultra‐low phase noise, switchable front end LNA (some variants) and low frequency bypass path. Ideal for 5G surveillance and collection applications.


Millimetric Down-Converter

Low-cost, dual-channel variant covering 24‐44GHz with 1GHz instantaneous bandwidth using COTS components, 0.8-6.0GHz IF or I&Q baseband output . Ideal for cross-pol/interferometry applications. Includes input LNA, ultra‐stable internal 100MHz OCXO, synthesized LO, I&Q mixers. Ideal for 5G monitoring, collection and testing of 5G backhaul infrastructure, SATCOM, EW, microwave P2P links.

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Microwave Frequency Extenders

6‐12GHz in 2 bands or 6‐18GHz in 3 bands to extend modern 6GHz SDR receivers. Includes ultra‐stable internal 100MHz OCXO, 10MHz external reference input, ultra‐low phase noise and low frequency bypass path.


Intelligent Multi-Output AC/DC-DC SMPSU

Intelligent, Multi‐Output AC/DC‐DC PSU 85‐264V AC and 40‐55V DC inputs with manual selection or automatic AC‐DC fall‐back when AC power fails. Up to 300W from 6 selectable output modules ranging 1‐15V, with individual remote on/off and programmable start‐up sequencing.


Microwave Signal Generator

Instrument-grade Microwave Signal Generator for small/remote installations requiring automated system test, performance verification of critical radio systems or tuneable LO generation. RF1 output 100MHz-20GHz in 1Hz steps, levelled amplitude -30dBm to +13dBm with provision for in-system calibration. RF2 output 100MHz-3GHz in 25MHz steps. Includes 10MHz external reference input and 10MHz/100MHz reference output.


Rack Mounting Chassis

Half width or full 19” rack mounting chassis with universal AC‐DC SMPSU, integrated fan and cooling channels for reliable mounting 2‐up in standard 19” rack configuration. Caddy can be remoted from chassis for masthead operation. Available with a variety of options.


Intelligent Multi-Ouptut GPS-Disciplined Reference Oscillator

Multi‐Output GPS‐Disciplined Reference Oscillator for small/remote installations 4x 10MHz low phase noise outputs from a high‐stability TCXO, lockable to external 10MHz reference. Full access to all GPS and NMEA navigation data. Options include 1x100MHz output and on‐board gyro.


Ethernet Switch

6‐Way Ethernet Switch to compliment and connect Caddy Series equipment. Simple, convenient means to connect receivers, frequency extenders, references and other ancillary equipment in small installations.

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