CSS’s engineering team has extensive experience in mechanical design in a wide range of disciplines including electronic enclosures, racking systems, instrument panels, antenna/camera pedestals and positioners and drive systems in fields such as professional audio, government communications, satellite communications, airborne and naval systems, industrial, security and automotive systems.

We are able to provide any level of support you require from simple hardware component design to the complete design and build of bespoke equipment including chassis design and layout, chemical finishing and paint specification, panel/legend design, man-machine interface (MMI) design, mechanical drive and sensor systems if required. Full consideration is given to the target market and technology requirements, environmental specification, power dissipation and thermal management, EMC, manufacturing and budget.

  • CNC machined fabrications

  • Sheet metal fabrications

  • 3D printed fabrications

  • Chemical finishing, painting  and printing

  • Drive systems and feedback/sensor systems

  • Balanced motion systems

  • Ingress protection (IP) rated systems

  • Semi-rigid cabling

  • Data output in common data-interchange formats

Design Tasks
  • Design of metal fabricated parts

  • Design of 3D-printable parts

  • Design of chassis, instrument panels and MMIs

  • Design of washers, gaskets, seals and insulators

  • Design of thermal management

  • 3D modelling of parts and systems

  • 3D Motion simulation 

  • 3D image rendering

  • Wiring loom / cable design and specification

  • Sheet metal patterns for manufacturing

  • Full drawing package generation 

  • ​Sub-contract fabrication, finishing and printing

  • Prototype and small batch assembly

  • Environmental testing

Our mechanical design team utilises Dassault SolidWorks Professional and ANSYS SpaceClaim Engineer 3D Mechanical CAD software and can undertake bespoke designs from concept through to manufacture, or produce a mechanical model/drawing set from your concept design. With extensive data-interchange capabilities from/to other systems, we are also able to accept and modify legacy designs to update your products.


Our experience with drive systems, sensors, controls, and an array of common communications protocols enables us to produce positioning systems for a variety of applications with remote control and monitoring.

Our Laboratory 2 is used for prototype and small batch equipment assembly, cable assembly and wiring. Our environmental test facility includes a temperature chamber, multi-channel temperature sensors and data logging which can be used for testing thermal management in our designs, and for stress-testing assemblies from -70°C to +180°C to detect weaknesses and ensure suitability for operation in harsh environments before deployment.

Our mechanical design is complimented by our electronic/PCB design capability detailed on a separate page. Illustrations of some of our designs are presented in our Projects Gallery, but these represent only a tiny part of our overall capability. To find out how we can assist you with your next design project, please contact us through our Contact page, or give us a call.