CSS is able to provide a number of useful support services to supplement our sales, marketing and engineering activities, with the aim of providing a complete end-to-end service meeting all your project needs, keeping a single point of contact and leaving you time to concentrate on the mission at hand.Typical services include, but are not limited to, those summarised below, but if you need a job done the just contact us and we will always help whereever we can.

Service, Maintenance, Fault-Finding & Repair

CSS is able to carry out routine service, maintenance, fault-finding and repair of a wide range of electronic instruments and electro-mechanical systems on an as-required basis or under contract for regular requirements. All such work is backed by our full Test & Measurement capability as described separately.

We have serviced and tested over 1250 items of equipment in our laboratories including 70 unique models from 20 different manufacturers, some of which have been in service in excess of 25 years, and we have provided on-site service and upgrade at customers' premises in the UK and abroad. We will attempt to undertake repair to most types of RF or electronic equipment of any age and have successfully repaired legacy equipment even without supporting technical documentation on occasions when customers are unable to obtain service from the original manufacturers who may no longer be trading or may be unwilling to support older models.

CSS has supported equipment from global manufacturers including Micro-Tel, Reaction Instruments, MA-COM Government/SIGINT Products, Cobham Defense Electronic Systems, Babcock International, Communications Solutions (Com-Sol), Rockwell Collins, Watkins-Johnson Company, DRS Signal Solutions, DRS Signal Recording Technologies, G3 Technologies, ITS Electronics, Apcom, Avalon Recorders, Alpha Industries, Tecom Antennas, Condor, Stanford Research Systems and Moog Quickset.

We have been the designated UK service centre for a variety of radio equipment, signal processing, recording and display equipment for UK, US and European Governments and have supported and maintained equipment for the UK Royal Air Force (RAF) Nimrod platform and for a variety of UK Royal Navy (RN) surface and sub-surface platforms.

CSS is able to diagnose and repair PCB faults to component level and holds a wide range of spares, components and specialist materials in our stores. We are able to procure original parts from equipment manufacturers or source generic or alternative replacements for expensive or obsolete parts. Some parts may be returned to the manufacturer for immediate repair, or later repair for putting back into stock as reconditioned parts..We are also able to hold bonded stock of critical or regularly used parts for specific customers and/or contracts, with stock level control and regular review of spares holding

We often receive equipment which has been damaged in service in the field, ranging from simple bent handles or dented panels to complete crushing of an instrument chassis or failure of bearings, gearboxes or servo motors in drive systems. Our Facilities include a comprehensive workshop enabling us to correct and repair most mechanical damage or failures as part of our standard servicing. For more extensive damage we are able to fabricate or procure replacement hardware, reassemble, realign and verify performance as required.

Refurbishment & Post-Design Services

In tough economic times customers are often unable to replace legacy equipment which must be kept in service and often integrated and deployed in new systems and installations. CSS is able to complete refurbishment work on most equipment including stripping and cleaning, examination and replacement of items such as damaged connectors, cables and wiring, worn out fans, faulty controls, failed indicators and damaged or degraded displays. We can also address cosmetic issues including repainting of panels and reprinting of panel legends.

We can also provide more comprehensive Post-Design Services (PDS) including modification and upgrade of equipment, designing out obsolescences, performance enhancements, re-tasking or changes to equipment packaging and mountings. Examples of our work include re-packaging equipment into IP-rated enclosures for outdoor mounting, complete re-design of an instrument front panel and upgrade of an analogue motor-drive system to digital stepper-motor control - these projects may be seen in our Projects Gallery.

Technical Documentation​

As equipment designers and system integrators, we are fully conversant with the production of high quality technical documentation and can offer this as a service in support of your project or programme including:


  • 2D drawing packages for manufacturing

  • 3D illustrations and renderings

  • 3D annotated assembly drawings / exploded views

  • Technical, Operating and User Manuals for equipment and/or systems

  • Installation and User Manuals for software applications

  • Training documentation and presentations

  • Browser-based intranet documentation systems

All documentation may be supplied in electronic format (Adobe PDF), as traditional printed and bound manuals. Printed manuals may be laser printed on polyester film Ideal for prolonged use in harsh environments including extreme outdoor, industrial, marine and field use. This material is waterproof, grease-proof, tear-proof, chemical resistant to oils and solvents, UV-resistant and can be wiped clean without degradation.

Documentation may also be supplied as navigable HTML pages for use as an intranet reference in large fixed or deployable systems, or for use on a tablet or notebook computer by installation or maintenance engineers where system test and fault-finding procedures may be integrated.


Our engineers are used to providing training and documentation as part of our normal activities. We are able to prepare any level of training material required for equipment, systems and software ranging from simple summary notes to full training manuals and slide presentations.


We are equally happy to provide material to our customers for their own internal training purposes, or for our engineers to provide training at CSS or at our customers' premises or site at home or abroad. Training can normally be provided as an integral part of a new contract, or as a periodic refresher course for training of new staff or following system updates, and can be provided as one-on-one or group training.

Protection, Packing & Shipping

CSS works closely with a number of suppliers and service providers to ensure our customers' goods can be protected, packed and shipped anywhere in the world as appropriate for the equipment type, weight, value, shipping method and destination.

Transit cases are by far he most secure and time-saving method of protection for repeated shipping throughout the life of an equipment, providing tailored protection and ease of packing/unpacking. We are able to provide a range of standard and custom-designed transit cases for everything from the smallest components to the largest machinery.

Our FLC-8001/XXX Series cases can be designed to house sensitive electronic instruments, optical instruments, drive components, antenna systems, tools, cables and ancillary items. These cases are manufactured to our specifications from a system of aluminium honeycomb panels, aluminium extrusions and steel hardware. Internally, cases may incorporate a 19" equipment frame for installation and operation in situ for carry-on, carry-off type systems, or CNC routed foam tailored to individual contents of any shape with different densities of foam available depending upon size and weight. A multitude of hardware accessories and configuration options are available including handles, latches and castors.

For larger shipments we can provide a complete crating service in co-operation with a local contractor including crate-building on site using plywood and heat-treated softwood battens and incorporating features such as fork truck runners and internal lid bearers where required. All timber is stamped for treated timber regulations with a traceable timber certificate provided if required, and all cases are marked with relevant international shipping marks. CSS can arrange collection for domestic or international shipment by road, see or air freight.