FRX-2095/006 Millimetric Frequency Extender

We are pleased to announce the new /006 variant of our FRX-2095/XXX Millimetric Frequency Extender series with first production units scheduled for delivery next month.

The FRX-2095/XXX is a broadband block down-converter covering 24-40GHz in a single band or 18-40GHz in two bands with variants up to 110GHz. All variants include an ultra-stable internal 100MHz OCXO, 10MHz external reference input, ultra-low phase noise, switchable front end LNA (some variants) and low frequency bypass path.

The /006 variant is an enhanced version of the 40GHz dual-band /005 variant with identical signal path and RF specification but with the following improvements:

  • Rear panel SER/AUX commercial mini-HDMI connector replaced by a more rugged micro-D connector with screw retention more suited to military platform environments.

  • SER/AUX connector GPIO pins opened up to user applications through new firmware, implementing control and monitoring via new SCPI commands, SNMP and browser GUI. Individual pins can be designated as inputs or outputs or they can be addressed as an 8-bit port with optional DATA STROBE pin. The AUX pins can be used to control or monitor external equipment, e.g. controlling antenna selectors or polarization switches, attenuators or blanking or reading switch tell-backs or alarm replays on equipment with no network connections.

  • SER1 'slave' equipment control feature opened up to users through publication of previously un-published feature. This enables a legacy serial or non-Ethernet-enabled equipment (such as a slave receiver) to be connected to the FRX-2095 SER1 port and to route commands/responses through the unit's Ethernet port to allow remote control.

  • Overhaul of the browser GUI with improved layout, more logical separation between configuration and control/monitoring, and new SER/AUX controls.

Further information can be found on the CSS Caddy Series product page.

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