Herrick Technology Laboratories, Inc.

January 22, 2018

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Communications Supply and Support Ltd. (CSS) is pleased to announce that, effective from 2nd January 2018, it has been appointed as the exclusive UK Reseller and technical centre for Herrick Technology Laboratories, Inc. (HTL) of Manchester, NH, USA. (see official announcement letter here).



HTL was founded in 2000 by Dr. David Herrick and purchased in 2013 by Acie Vickers, founder and former CEO of Digital Receiver Technology, Inc. (DRT) with a vision toward continued leadership in product development for the defence and intelligence communities.


The company currently employs over 80 staff, including 70 at its new facility in Germantown, MD.


Core Competencies:


  • Wideband SDR design and integration

  • Prosecution of conventional and modern SOI:

    • Tactical/strategic communications

    • PCS, including smart EA techniques

    • Satellite communications

    • LPI/LPD communications

    • LPI/LPD signal detection/characterisation

    • High-speed spectral scanning

    • Conventional signal detection and identification (FRS, HPCP, DMR, LMR)

  • Precision, Theatre Net-centric Geo-location (TNG)

  • 'Cognitive’ LPI/LPD Communications

  • RF environment simulation/generation




  • Detection/De-hopping/DF/Geo-location/Jamming of Frequency Agile (FA) signals.

  • EW against FA Radios including broadband/reactive/sync jamming & cyber techniques.

  • Improved detection of LPI/FA signals in co-channel environments.

  • TDOA/FDOA geo-engine with CAF processing of IQ data

Initial Core Radios:


For integration into Manpack, UGS, Vehicular and airborne applications including UAV.


HTLx : 4-Channel Coherent Wideband SDR Transceiver


  • 2MHz-6GHz/18GHz, 80MHz BW per channel 320MHz BW total.

  • Integrated GPS/CSAC to support TDOA/FDOA (SAASM GPS optional)


HTLw : 4-Channel Coherent Ultra-Wideband SDR Transceiver


  • 20MHz-18GHz, 1GHz BW per channel, 4GHz BW total.

  • Integrated/external GPS/CSAC to support TDOA/FDOA (SAASM GPS optional).

  • PDW output for full 1GHz BW with integrated PDW recording/playback on SSD.

We are excited for this opportunity to introduce HTL’s products and services to the UK, and look forward to supporting you on your future programmes and requirements.


Please visit our Partners page for further information and links to the Herrick Technology Laboratories website.

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